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Too-Tall Box Truck Hits Westwood Train Bridge

WESTWOOD (CBS) -- A too-tall box truck tried to pass under a Westwood train bridge but didn't make it through without hitting it in the process on Saturday afternoon.

Westwood police posted surveillance video of the crash to their YouTube account on Monday.

The white World Wide Moving truck crashed into the East Street Railroad Bridge around 4:50 p.m. The 12-foot-6-inch tall truck is owned by Whitehouse Moving, which has locations in Cambridge, Somerville and Stoneham.

The truck doesn't appear to slow down as it approaches the bridge and knocks the yellow-and-black "low clearance" sign off, while at the same time sheering the top of the vehicle off.

Moments later, a group of kids watched the driver and his passenger pick up truck debris left in the roadway. On their Twitter account, police asked drivers to avoid the area until the road was cleared.

No one was hurt in the crash.

The driver was cited for failing to obey traffic laws and control signals.

Dozens of drivers in the past few years have attempted to drive under the 10-foot-6-inch bridge but ultimately struck it.

Police say there have been 16 incidents where trucks have hit the bridge in the past year. There have also been four crashes into the bridge so far this year.

Since December 2013, police have posted eight videos of crashes at that location.

The top of a Penske truck was ripped off when it struck the bridge on a snowy day on Dec. 10, 2013.

On July 1, 2014, a truck carrying several tons of lobsters crashed into the bridge and it caught on fire. One day later, there was also a head-on collision under the bridge, as a car hit a curb and then slammed into another vehicle in the opposite lane.

Here is video of the crash on Saturday:

Bridge Crash 6/6/15 4:50PM 15-198-AC by Westwood PD on YouTube


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