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Tom Brady, NFLPA Granted 14-Day Extension To File Motion For Rehearing By Second Circuit Court

BOSTON (CBS) -- Tom Brady's newest attorney is now 1-for-1 in the DeflateGate case.

Granted, it's a relatively minor matter, but Ted Olson's request for an extension of 14 days for the NFLPA to file a motion to formally request a rehearing or rehearing en banc has been granted by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Olson filed the request on Friday. The NFL filed a motion on Monday requesting that the motion be denied, stating that the NFLPA failed to offer "any compelling justification for their extension request."

The court, however, saw it differently, ruling on Tuesday to grant the request from the NFLPA.

Brady's side now has until May 23 to file a request for rehearing or rehearing en banc. If the court decides to rehear the case, then Brady and the NFLPA have a chance of having the ruling by Judges Barrington Parker and Denny Chin overturned.

Chief Judge Robert Katzmann issued a dissenting opinion on the case, stating that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell exceeded his authority and issued his own brand of industrial justice. The issuance of the dissenting opinion coming from the chief judge likely gives Brady's camp some reason to believe it has a chance of getting the case heard en banc, which would involve all of the judges on the Second Circuit hearing the case.

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