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Tom Brady Among Celebrities To Receive Write-In Votes At NH Primary

BOSTON (CBS) – Tom Brady is on to the offseason. But according to some New Hampshire residents, he should be on his way to the White House instead.

New Hampshire election officials released the full list of write-in votes from Tuesday's presidential primary, and there were several recognizable names on the list.

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Brady received two votes on the Republican ballot and one on the Democratic side while Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was written onto one ballot.

Celtics coach Brad Stevens' work in helping his team climb the playoff standings has apparently paid off – he earned himself one presidential write-in vote.

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Rapper Kanye West, who vowed to run for president in 2020, is off on the right foot in the Granite State with one write-in vote on this year's ballot.

Among other celebrities written onto ballots for the primary were Bill Murray, Tom Cruise, Willie Nelson, and Bill Nye.

Politicians who aren't currently running for the White House also received votes. Vice President Joe Biden received 36 votes from Democrats and four from Republicans.

Michael Bloomberg, who is reportedly considering an Independent run for president, received 26 write-in votes on the Democratic ballot.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was written in 23 times.


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