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'Time Lord' Nickname May Lead To A Watch Sponsorship For Robert Williams

BOSTON (CBS) -- Robert Williams and his unique nickname have entered the mainstream thanks in large part to the center's play for the Celtics in the NBA bubble. Of course, Celtics fans are quite familiar with "Time Lord," which was born in the bizarre land of "Weird Celtics Twitter."

But that nickname may soon earn Williams a little extra cheddar in way of an endorsement deal with a watch company. In a pregame interview Tuesday with NBC Sports Boston's Abby Chin ahead of Boston's Game 2 matchup with the Toronto Raptors, Williams hinted that his moniker could soon grace the back of a fancy timepiece.

"They've reached out, they've reached out," Williams said after Chin asked him about a deal with Tissot, one of the NBA's official sponsors. "It may or may not be in the works. They've reached out."

Williams didn't give much away, so we guess only (wait for it) time will tell. But perhaps the "Time Lord" himself has already been to the future and knows what will come next. He does have that ability, or so we're told.

The origin of the nickname was detailed by Forbes last year, but it was created by two of the biggest contributors to "Weird Celtics Twitter" @Riffs_Man and @Cosmis, who in the real world are known as Ryan Hebert and Brian Schroeder, respectively. They coined the nickname to mock a few members of the Boston media after they went a little overboard when Williams missed his conference call with Celtics reporters after being drafted in 2018 and then missed a flight to his first practice with the Celtics.

Williams had never really been a big fan of the nickname, but he knows there isn't much he can do about it.

"I don't think it's going to stop so I'm stuck with it," he said Tuesday.

And if it leads to some extra cash in his pocket, it'll all be worth it. But those companies better hurry up, because the price for the lord of time may go up as he continues to play well.

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