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Surfing Santas: Teens Surf In Gloucester With Santa Costumes On After Collecting Socks For The Homeless

GLOUCESTER (CBS) - If you drove past Good Harbor Beach In Gloucester Sunday morning and saw people surfing in a Santa costumes, you weren't seeing things.

Noah Cook, an 18-year-old senior at Rockport High School, was one of the people surfing. Over the last three years, Cook has been running Rock Those Socks, a charity drive that collects socks for the homeless population in the Greater Boston and North Shore areas.

Socks are among the most needed items at homeless shelters.

Cook had told everyone that if he collected 500 pairs by Christmas this year, he and his friends from area high schools would surf in a Santa suit.

Well, he collected almost 1000 pairs.

Cook came through on his side of the bargain.

Santa Surfer 2
Noah Cook and his friends surfing in Santa costumes.

"It's been absolutely amazing just seeing the generosity of the community and my friends, who have just been so willing to help me work through this. It means the world to me," Cook said. "This year, more people are homeless than usual and they need our help more than ever."

Cook and his friends had several collection boxes put out on the North Shore, and they raised money online, converting that cash into socks. Most will go to a Boston shelter, but the homeless in Gloucester, Salem and Lynn will get some as well.

People can donate money to the cause at the Rock Those Socks website.

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