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Surveillance Video Shows SUV Crash Into Worcester Restaurant

WORCESTER (CBS) – Surveillance video shows the moment an SUV crashed into a Worcester restaurant Tuesday morning. Nobody inside Brazierr Restaurant was injured when the Toyota Highlander went off Chandler Street and through a wall into the dining area.

Brazierr restaurant
An SUV crashed into the side of Brazierr restaurant in Worcester (WBZ-TV)

Restaurant owner Leandro Alvez, his wife, and their son were all back in the kitchen at 11:30 Tuesday morning working on a large takeout order and that probably saved them.

"The car go so fast into the wall," Leandro Alvez said. "I hear a lot of noise, a big noise and I see the car is through the wall."

The SUV veered onto the sidewalk, ripped up a fence, and crashed through the wall of the restaurant. Its nose was poking into the dining room, which was empty.

The man behind the wheel seemed disoriented, according Alvez. "The guy didn't understand what happened," Alvez said.

He is unsure when he will be back in business, and prefers to focus on the fact his family is safe. "I'm happy," Alvez said.

Worcester Police believe a medical incident caused the driver to crash.

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