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'Sugar Daddy' Ads Target Women On UNH Campus

DURHAM, NH (CBS) - It's not your typical flier. It reads "" an ad soliciting young women to connect with a complete stranger online.

The fliers are popping up all over the University of New Hampshire's downtown business area and it's causing alarm for school officials.

"The first time I read it, I was disgusted and it's disturbing," one student said.

The flier seeks attractive young women ages 18-25. They encourage women to create an account online. In exchange they will get mentorship and cash to help pay for school but school officials are concerned that's not all.

Sugar Daddy ad
'Sugar Daddy' ad on UNH campus (WBZ-TV)

"Who you think you are taking to online may not be who you think you are talking to online," UNH Dean of Students Ted Kirkpatrick said.

Richard Namy works at Town and Campus Gift Shop. He was one of the first to see the ad and reported it to campus police. "I just think it's a way to take advantage and it's not the right thing," Namy said.

Most businesses have removed the fliers from their windows. School officials say so far no incidents have been reported in connection with this ad. "There are typical sexual expectations that transcend just dinner," Durham Town Manager Todd Selig said.

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