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Man Tries To Lure Woman Out Of Car In Target Parking Lot In Stoughton

STOUGHTON (CBS) – Police in Stoughton are increasing their presence at stores after a state lawmaker said a man tried to lure her out of her car at Target. Rep. Alyson Sullivan said she was in the parking lot when a man tried to get her out of her car by saying she had an oil leak.

"I just got this weird feeling and I wasn't going to in any shape or form see what his intents were by getting out of the vehicle," Sullivan said. "I stayed in my car and made sure my doors were locked, windows were up."

Pulling into Stoughton Target's designated "drive up" parking, Sullivan never intended to step out of her car. So, it caught her off guard Sunday evening, when a stranger pulled in beside her and sort of motioned for her to get out. She cracked her window, but stayed put.

"Next thing I know he got back in his car and pulled out," Sullivan said. "Never picked up an order, never went into Target to get anything, and circled the parking lot."

Sullivan took down the man's license plate and called police. Investigators said this is the second time in just two weeks that an older white man driving a white Jeep Patriot has been reported for this behavior. There were more calls in neighboring towns.

Stoughton Police are increasing patrols in busy shopping areas, especially through Christmas and holiday returns.

"Be vigilant. Don't focus in on your cell phone walking to and from your car," Sullivan said. "Make sure you are aware of where you're parking and who's around you. Park in well-lit areas, and don't be ashamed to call the police."

And as it turns out, Alyson did check her car when she got home. There was no oil leaking.

"Afterward I did have that moment where I did think what could have happened if I did get out? You just can't go there," Sullivan said. "There are good Samaritans out there who will notify you on certain things but there are also bad people in this world as well."

Police say if anything suspicious like this happens, stay in your car and give them a call.

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