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'Sleep Well': Maine Author Stephen King's Horrifying Tick Story Will Make Your Skin Crawl

BANGOR, Maine (CBS) – Horror master Stephen King shared a short story about ticks on Twitter Thursday night that will make your skin crawl.

The Bangor, Maine author asked his followers if they "want a little bedtime story?" And with only three sentences, he freaked everyone out just in time for tick season.

"My friend felt he had a hair caught between his eye and his glasses. He couldn't get rid of it, so he looked in the mirror," King wrote. "A tick was crawling on his eyeball. Nighty-night, sleep well."

The story has more than 8,000 retweets, and some are saying it's the 71-year-old author's scariest tale yet.

King may have some ready to stay indoors all summer, but there are steps people can take to protect themselves.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health recommends using bug repellents with permethrin or DEET when outside and to do a tick check every day. More info about ticks can be found here.


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