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Temperature Checks, Social Distancing On Roller Coasters When Six Flags Reopens

AGAWAM (CBS) - Amusement parks have not yet been given the green light to reopen, but Six Flags theme parks have released guidelines for keeping guests and employees safe.

In Massachusetts, Six Flags New England would be allowed to reopen in phase three or four but no firm dates have been established. Guests will be asked a few questions and have their temperature taken before they are allowed to enter the Agawam park. "We want to encourage CDC guidelines including constantly washing hands, constantly sanitizing," said spokesperson Jennifer McGrath.

The talk is not just of summertime fun, but cleanliness and distancing. "It starts with limiting daily attendance through the use of a reservations system," said Six Flags New England President Peter Carmichael.

They will control the capacity with advance ticket sales only. Guests will have to follow line indicators at the different rides that mark six feet of distance. Ridership will also be controlled including blocking some of the horses on the carousel, and rows of seats on the roller coasters.

"We are going to be ensuring that folks stay within their group. They would never be seated next to a stranger," said McGrath.

The park has 250 acres and over 100 attractions so guests would face touch points at every corner. It's why Six Flags has put out a safety video for guests to view ensuring surfaces are being wiped down, sanitation stations are installed throughout the park, and reminding everyone to wear masks.

If it seems a daunting job, Carmichael views it differently. "We're primarily an outdoor amusement park. Outdoor environments provide a safer environment for recreational activities."

The activities may feel a little different but McGrath insists there will be smiles under the face masks.


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