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Sinkhole Opens Up Under Car In Burlington Mall Parking Lot

BURLINGTON (CBS) -- A sinkhole opened up under a car in the parking lot of the Burlington Mall just after 3:30 Thursday afternoon.

The Burlington Fire Department said the sinkhole formed when the pavement buckled as the result of a water main break.

Emergency crews on the scene surrounded the vehicle with cones in the section of the parking lot near Sears.

The mall was closed at 5 p.m. due to water problems caused by the break in the main. The owner of the car was working inside the mall when the announcement was made.

"So we're all like closing the register, cleaning out the store, and then we just like left and went to the parking lot," says Kelly Gordon. "And that's when I saw my car."

Kelly had joked about the situation until she went out to the parking lot. "I was really, really mad and then I started crying when I got on the phone with my dad," she says.

Crews were working to fix the water main break late Thursday night and a spokesperson says the mall will be open at the normal time on Friday.


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