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Shuttle, Ferry Service Replaces Part Of MBTA Blue Line During Construction

BOSTON (CBS) -- Thousands of MBTA Blue Line riders will be relying on shuttles starting Monday.

The MBTA is suspending train service between Logan Airport and Bowdoin stations for tunnel repair work.

There will be shuttle and ferry services through May 8.

Shuttle buses will operate in a one-way inbound loop through the downtown area and will not stop at Bowdoin. Riders trying to get to Bowdoin need to board and exit shuttles at Government Center Station. The shuttle bus stop at State station is drop-off only. Express bus shuttles will not stop at Maverick station.

Ferry service will be available from Lewis Mall near Maverick to Long Wharf from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.


MBTA Blue line shuttle and ferry service (Photo Via MBTA)

"A little confusing, a little delayed, but I guess they're doing the best they can," said Blue Line rider Shanjana Kumar.

"It did make me a little late but I at least got to my destination in a reasonable time because usually, you're waiting outside with hundreds of people in crowds for about like an hour or so, so we were able to get there quicker," said Lamar Hicks.

Other riders didn't mind the disruption at all.

"It's so easy, it's organized and everyone is so nice," said Sofia Ciadenis.

Between May 12 and 29, Blue Line service will be suspended between Wonderland and Orient Heights so crews can work on the Suffolk Downs pedestrian bridge.

For more information, visit the MBTA's website.

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