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Shaughnessy On Gresh & Zo: Tony Mazz One Of The 'Haters' Ortiz Keeps Referring To

BOSTON (CBS) - Red Sox slugger David Ortiz reported to spring training on Tuesday with his agent in tow and it was made clear that he would speak to the media on Wednesday.

However, his silence was broken after John Tomase of the Boston Herald tracked him down in the parking lot, where Ortiz went on a tirade against those who criticize his contract demands.

Some in the media have been very vocal about this subject, and Tomase hinted Tuesday afternoon on 98.5 The Sports Hub that Ortiz's anger is partially directed to "one of the regular hosts" on the Felger & Massarotti program.

Ortiz did speak publicly to the assembled media after practice yesterday and once again took aim at his detractors, or "the haters" as they are known to be called.

But who are these anonymous haters?

"I was pretty sure that was me," Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe said Thursday morning on Gresh & Zolak. "I was the guy right next to him if you look at the pictures.

"As the interview went on he kept talking about 'the haters' and he seemed really hurt and unusually sensitive . . . I think Tony Mazz is one of his targets. I know it is."

When asked to elaborate on Tony Massarotti he steered clear and shed some light on the reported verbal altercation between he and Papi.

Following the presser, Dan ran down Ortiz in the JetBlue Park dugout.

"I sought out David and we talked, mostly I listened, for about 10 minutes. I told him I don't hate him and I'm sorry he feels this way. People can have disagreements on business issues and professional issues, it doesn't mean we don't like each other or there's hate.

"I challenged him. I don't like the contract stuff. I think it is selfish. It's out of line, but that's a business thing the Red Sox have to decide."

Shaughnessy noted that it was an off-the-record meeting with Ortiz that he's comfortable characterizing, but would not use direct quotes.

David Ortiz is still under contract for one more season so the team has all the leverage in terms of his contract.

Shaughnessy believes the only way they should give him an extension is if they "want to make him feel good and pay for past performance."

Listen below for the full discussion:

Shaughnessy: Tony Mazz One Of The 'Haters' Ortiz Keeps Referring To


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