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'It's Been Tough': Rockland, Pembroke Residents Still Without Power After Nor'easter

ROCKLAND (CBS) -- With its empty parking lots, closed stores, closed gas stations, and treacherous intersections without lights, the town of Rockland remains one of the communities still 100 percent without power.

It means convenience store owner Steve Minasidis had to empty the cold cuts shelves in his award-winning deli.

"We emptied it to save the product," said Minasidis of Steve's Auto Repair. "We have a big refrigerator at home, so we stuffed everything inside."

The only deliveries coming don't need refrigeration, and without power, his gas pumps are at a standstill.

It's all sending people to nearby towns like Hanover, where the Cumberland Farms had to direct traffic to keep the gas line moving with fill-ups for cars and generators.

"It's been tough. I mean I live in Marshfield, and I went to four or five stations. And I was going to Weymouth, and decided to get off here and got in this line," said Carol Reiter.

Ann Williams and Beth Stevenson were filling up generators for the neighborhood.

"It hasn't been much fun, but at least it's warm out, and it's not snowing," said Stevenson.

Gas trucks making deliveries were a welcome site at The Irving Market and Café in Pembroke, another town that's 100 percent without power.

The store went through 10,000 gallons of gas in just one day.

Crews were also scoping out damaged power lines in Pembroke, while resident Deanna White-Hebert was surveying the damage to her two cars. They were both totaled when a tree limb fell on them at the height of the storm.

"I thank my higher power that it didn't go through the house," said White-Hebert.

She's now concerned about the downed power lines on her property.

"The firefighters are supposed to be on their way now again to see if that is a live wire, so I can do something about the cars and the tree," said White-Hebert.

The humming sound of generators filled the air in many Pembroke neighborhoods, where school children had another day off. Residents are trying to make due.

"It happens that way here," said Rachel Quinlan. "Unfortunately, with a lot of the storms, it tends to be pretty substantial."

In Scituate, cleanup is also a work in progress. Paul McCullough said he and his daughters have been taking advantage of a quieter than usual Thursday night due to the power outages across Scituate.

"We've been having a blast," McCullough said. "A lot of board games, the girls had a sleepover last night, we got the generator hooked up."

Allison Browell lives along Otis Place in Scituate and is waiting eagerly to be back on the grid.

"Certainly it's not a hardship not having the internet, but you do feel disconnected from the world because when the towers are not working you can't receive or send texts," Allison Browell said.

The big question is when power will be restored. Eversource says power will mostly be restored by 6 p.m. on Saturday night.

National Grid is saying Saturday morning is when it should be mostly restored, but that there are a lot of variables to those estimates.


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