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Rich Keefe's Olympic Minute: Bobsled-On-Bobsled Crime

BOSTON (CBS) - After failing to medal in the 2008 and 2012 summer Olympics, Lolo Jones thought she might have better luck during the winter.

The hurdler and renowned virgin made the women's team-3 bobsleigh event (under much scrutiny from fellow competitors), and once again failed to medal in Sochi.

After Jones' recent disappointment, U.S. male bobsledder Chuck Berkeley took to Twitter to air his frustration for what he perceived as a slight against a more worthy athlete.

"You gotta love how he throws the @KatieEberling in there, so I don't know if he's trying to score points with her or just try to bring that to her attention. He tried to get the #merit going, I don't know how that one did," joked Rich Keefe Wednesday night.

After taking a beating from Lolo Jones fans, Berkeley responded:

"Chuck Berkeley is steaming about it. He really thinks Katie Eberling should have made it over Lolo Jones. He's that guy now who's retweeting every little thing said to him."

For comparison's sake:

Chuck Berkeley: 592 Twitter followers

Lolo Jones: 391,000 Twitter followers

. . . so yeah, you can imagine who won that social media war.

Listen below for the Olympic minute:

Olympic Minute


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