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Rex Ryan Was Just Kidding About Inside Sources At Gillette Stadium

BOSTON (CBS) -- Rex Ryan appeared to intentionally stir the pot after his Buffalo Bills defeated the Patriots at Gillette Stadium when he claimed that he had "sources inside the New England Patriot building" that told him Jacoby Brissett would be the starting quarterback for the Patriots on Sunday afternoon. "How's that? I'll stir some stuff up. 'Who was it?'" he added, mocking the speculation that would follow.

It turns out that Rex was doing just that, stirring stuff up. The Bills head coach said at his Monday press conference that the whole comment was made in jest and he's amused that anyone took it seriously.

"That's just great. Because, man, I stirred the pot. Because you know they're sitting back and going, 'Who is it? Who is it?' I was B.S.-ing the whole time. ... If people were worried about it, that's awesome. That's good."

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Rex and the Bills are riding high after shutting the Patriots out in Gillette 16-0 on Sunday. It was the first time the Patriots had been shut out at home since 1993 at the old Foxboro Stadium. Buffalo has to head out west in Week 5 to face the 3-1 Los Angeles Rams, while the Patriots get Tom Brady back to play the Browns in Cleveland. It's likely that Rex is overestimating how much attention Bill Belichick paid to his postgame remarks.

Rex's tone on Sunday suggested he may have just been stirring things up for the sake of it, but clearly, not everyone got the joke.

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