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Report: Patriots Spent All Of Last Season Talking About Tom Brady

BOSTON (CBS) -- Last season, pretty much all of New England had a hard time of letting Tom Brady go. Apparently, that included his former teammates.

The Boston Globe's Ben Volin said on WEEI over the weekend that he's heard from players on the Patriots who admitted they spent a whole lot of time in the locker room talking about their former quarterback.

"I have talked to a couple of guys this offseason. All they did behind closed doors amongst each other last year was talk Tom Brady. Tom Brady was the conversation in the Patriots locker room," Volin said. "And not in a bad way -- guys weren't angry at him at all."

With the 43-year-old Brady going through ups and downs during the regular season, seemingly everybody in the football world spent some time talking about Brady. So it's only natural that those who shared a locker room and a huddle with him couldn't help but follow his exploits down in Tampa.

"I think he, Brady still has a lot of fans and a lot of supporters and friends in the Patriots [organization]," Volin said. "And guys were just constantly talking about him and following him and comparing and talking about old stories and why did Brady leave and his relationship with [Josh] McDaniels and his relationship with [Bill] Belichick. All they did last year was talk Tom Brady."

As for whether Belichick was among those people causally chatting about Brady?

"The guys I talked to said they don't know, which is classic Bill," Volin said. "Bill is a poker player through and through, you never know what he's thinking. He's not going to join in on those conversations. Bill's not hanging out in the locker room like Sean Payton or some of those other coaches. So Bill, you never got a read on him. But the players who are still very pro-Brady, all they did was talk Brady last year."

Last year, the Brady story was a distant one for those Patriots players. This year, it'll be a bit different, as the Patriots will be out to stop Brady and the Buccaneers when they visit in Week 4.

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