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Report: Bryan Stork May Actually Be Retiring From Football

BOSTON (CBS) -- First, the Patriots were reported to be ready to release Bryan Stork. Then, it turned out the Redskins were willing to trade a draft pick for him.

Now, the story's taken a decidedly different turn, with reports surfacing that the 25-year-old may actually be retiring from football.

Former Redskins tight end and current radio host Chris Cooley sent a tweet mid-afternoon on Wednesday saying that Stork won't be playing for the Redskins -- or anybody -- this fall.

Redskins reporter Mike Jones of The Washington Post then looked into it.

If the news turns out to be true, it's not entirely surprising. Stork suffered a concussion this summer, his fourth in four years. Playing a position in the middle of the offensive line, where each snap means another helmet bashing against his own helmet, that's a problem that would not improve over time.

Given all of the unknowns, it remains uncertain -- but unlikely -- if the trade for the conditional draft pick would have been finalized before a retirement decision was potentially made.

As has been the theme of Stork Day 2016, do stay tuned for developments.

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