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Rep. Kennedy Met Wife In Sen. Warren's Class At Harvard

BOSTON (CBS) – As Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congressman Joseph Kennedy III were both sworn in as junior members of the 113th Congress, it's probably no surprise that the two were reflecting back on how they ended up in their respective positions.

Warren, a Harvard professor, and Kennedy, a Harvard graduate with perhaps the most well-known name in all of Massachusetts politics actually crossed paths when Kennedy was a student.

Kennedy, 32, actually met Lauren Birchfield, the woman he would marry, in a class that Warren taught.

"He sat in the front row, on my left, and Lauren was in the back row on my right," Warren reportedly told CBS Providence affiliate WPRI-TV's Ted Nesi in an interview for this week.

The Kennedys were reportedly one of five couple to come out of that class.

Aside from apparently playing matchmaker, Senator Warren had an outstanding reputation among her students.

"Her focus was always on her students," Kennedy reportedly told WPRI-TV. "This is what I loved about her.

For so much of law school, the focus was on the principles and philosophy. And she would do that, but she would also always focus on how it actually applies to people – this is what it actually means, this is how it impacts people."

Albeit brief, that praise was reciprocated

"He was a good student," Warren told WPRI-TV, while laughing.

When asked, she joked that she and Kennedy agreed back then to both run in 2012.

"Yup, and it all worked out," Warren reportedly chuckled.

Kennedy succeeds now-retired Rep. Barney Frank in the state's 4th Congressional District.

Warren takes over for the man she defeated, Senator Scott Brown.

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