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'It Made My Heart So Full': Home Depot Workers Help Lost Woody Doll Return Home

PLAISTOW, NH (CBS) - A lost toy returns home. In Pixar's Toy Story franchise, Sheriff Woody Pride is known to get separated from his owner. So when an employee at the Home Depot in Plaistow, New Hampshire found a doll in the parking lot, coworkers put the word out on social media- and had some fun along the way.

Employee Sarah Huberdeau shared, "there was an associate in lumber that was like 'let's have him cut on the saw!' And the associate in paint was obviously like 'oh yeah, let's have him mix paint!'"

Woody has been taken in by employees at a Home Depot in New Hampshire until they find his owner (Courtesy Photo)

Soon, a variety of fun photos featuring Woody appeared on Facebook, whether he was busy working on the computer, taking a bath, or cleaning. The hope was that the more the post was shared on social media, the better the chances were that Woody's owner would find out. Huberdeau told WBZ-TV, "It was just great. I mean the reason for doing this was that Woody would find his home and that's kind of what happened. The associates would come over and say, 'I'm going to take Woody for a minute and then come back with a new picture.' It was so much fun."

Woody and Jason
Jason and Woody (Photo Courtesy: Sarah Huberdeau)

Their mission was accomplished a week later, when a New Hampshire resident named Lindsey saw a Facebook post about the lost doll, and knew the toy belonged to her son Desmond, who often goes to that store with his dad.

In a phone conversation, Desmond's father Jason shared they had recently been to Home Depot and were confident it was their Woody doll because of his missing hat. When they came to the store to retrieve Woody, Desmond brought a friend with him.

"He was holding a little Buzz Lightyear and I said 'are you here for Woody?' And he instantly looked at me and had this great big smile," shared Huberdeau.

Desmond turns two next month, but the reunion was less of an early birthday present for him, and more of a gift to all. Huberdeau added, "the main goal of the entire thing was just to get Woody back to his home and that's exactly what we did. It made my heart so full."

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