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'Inspiring Change': New Exhibits At Peabody-Essex Museum Shine Light On Climate And Environment

SALEM (CBS) - If you head to the Peabody-Essex Museum over the next few months, you'll find yourself looking at all kinds of very unique art.

Curator for the Climate Action: Inspiring Change Exhibit Jane Winchell says they'll be looking at climate and environment from a variety of different perspectives.

Twenty-eight artists of all ages, from Massachusetts and beyond, contributed pieces with the same subject -- our changing climate.

Winchell says that art speaks to people in ways that statistics or reports can't. "It's so important connecting with people at an emotional level. Helping them see this issue in a different way," she said.

The museum sees the time around Earth Day as an opportunity to raise awareness for an otherwise hard-to-discuss topic.

"There are many known solutions and a lot of people are feeling in despair about the current situation. There are things we can do at this moment," said Winchell.

Like re-examine our impact on the climate through the food pyramid. Rubber replicas of food items like soup, French fries, and a hamburger are displayed, and the weight of the items correlates to the carbon footprint it takes to produce it.

The exhibit has all different kinds of mediums, from watercolors to almost Lego-like buildings. Some of the artists you may recognize, like Worcester-native Jill Pelto. WBZ featured her in its "Da Vinci of Data Art" story last year.

The museum has a total of four climate-themed exhibitions, including "Down to the Bone", a glimpse at polar bears and the increasing difficulty to hunt. There is even an exhibit outside called "The Blue Trees", meant to spur discussion on the role trees play in our environment.

The mix of mediums through the four exhibits was important to Winchell. "No piece of artwork will relate to everyone. [It's important] to find something that resonates with you," she said.

The Climate Action: Inspiring Change exhibit will run until late June.


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