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Patriots Blog: Darrelle Revis Should Boost Chandler Jones' Sack Numbers

FOXBORO (CBS) -- The all-important preseason game No. 3 is on the calendar for the Patriots tonight. Cam Newton and the Panthers are in town. He are some players you need to watch.

Stevan Ridley had a good game against the Eagles last week but on his final carry, he fumbled the ball. Ridley understands this is a problem and an issue. He said this week that he needs to nip this in the bud because there are other things that he can do that we can talk about. Bottom line, Ridley could get zero yards tonight but he has to hold on to the ball.

Chandler Jones has a big opportunity this year. With Darrelle Revis locking things up at corner, Jones should see his sack numbers go up. Tonight they both should be on the field together for a significant amount of time. Pay attention to the pressure Chandler can put on Cam Newton. If it's more than we have seen in the past, Revis on the corner is working and Chandler Jones is making the most of it.

Ryan Allen better have a better punting experience than he had last week. The Pats' punt team got the failing grade last week. They have to be a better cohesive unit and that has to start tonight. We've seen the Pats get rid of a popular punter in Zoltan Mesko. They will do the same with Ryan Allen if he doesn't perform.

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