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New York Bar Gets Prank Phone Calls For Banning Sam Adams Beer

NEW YORK CITY (CBS) - One look outside Foley's pub in Midtown and you can tell you've got trouble.

Black paint through the Sam Adams banner, a sign to Bostonians and to Patriots fans in general that you've left friendly territory.

The sports bar is not serving Boston Lager Super Bowl Sunday.

"There will be two very skilled bartenders here taking care of everybody, however no one will be getting served Sam Adams," says Morgan McCann a bartender. "We can't support Boston here in New York."

WBZ-TV's Jim Armstrong reports

The idea comes from the owner himself.

So if someone comes during the Super Bowl and orders a Sam? "No, it's not happening," says the owner Shaun Clancy. "They're not getting a Sam Adams, no."

More Giants Fan Reaction

A small gesture, but one that's getting attention, as they have been getting complaints from Patriots fans, mostly in the form of crank phone calls.

"Paul Revere has called us twice, he sounded pretty spry to call and tell us that the Giants stink," says Shaun. "And actually Sam Adams himself the patriot has called."

Foley's has a partner in crime in Boston, McGreevys on Boylston Street.

The lead bartender in the losing team's city has to travel to winner's pub and tend bar, wearing the other team's jersey.

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