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New England Living: Cooking up a Croque Madame

New England Living: Cooking up a Croque Madame
New England Living: Cooking up a Croque Madame 05:45
Croque Madame CBS Boston

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BOSTON - Bistro Du Midi Executive Chef Robert Sisca joins Host Rachel Holt in the Clarke Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchen to cook up a classic French sandwich, demonstrating how to elevate a simple recipe and demystifying the art of traditional French cooking.

CHEF: Robert Sisca

RESTAURANT: Bistro Du Midi

RECIPE: Croque Madame


Sauce Mornay

·         2oz butter

·         2oz flour

·         4oz gruyere cheese grated

·         1 pint of milk

·         Salt/Pepper

1.      Melt butter and fold in flour.

2.      Lightly cook flour and add the milk.

3.      Whisk until smooth and simmer for 10 minutes. 

4.      Add cheese, season accordingly and let cool 

Sandwich (makes 2)

·         4ea sour dough bread sliced

·         4oz smoked ham

·         4oz gruyere cheese

·         2oz butter

·         4 each eggs

·         8oz sauce mornay

·         2oz sliced chives

·         Mixed Greens for Salad

·         2oz sherry vinaigrette 

1.      Lay bread out and layer with mornay, ham and cheese. 

2.      Melt Butter in pan, toast bread and finish in oven. 

3.      In Teflon pan, add butter and fry eggs.

4.      Season with salt, pepper and finish with chives.

5.      Cut sandwich in half, top with fried eggs and mixed greens for garnish

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