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Must-Hear Audio: "Hacksaw" Jonny Gomes' Insane Speeches At The Royals World Series Rally

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Kansas City Royals celebrated their first World Series win since 1985 with a massive rally in downtown K.C., and the team spoke to fans as part of the celebration. And incredibly, one of the most vocal players on the stage was none other than "Hacksaw" Jonny Gomes, who has made a comfortable living as one of the highest-paid cheerleaders in sports.

Known more for his "intangibles" and strong clubhouse presence than his skills on the baseball diamond, Gomes seems to have a pretty high opinion of himself when it comes to his impact on the teams he's played for, including the 2013 Red Sox. There's no doubt that he brings a good behind-the-scenes presence, but with the Royals he barely even played and didn't crack the postseason roster.

That didn't stop "Hacksaw" from strutting up and down the stage - FOUR separate times - referring to himself and the Royals as "we", as if he had the same kind of impact that players like Eric Hosmer and Salvador Perez did.

Gomes is essentially a pro wrestling manager, the "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart of Major League Baseball. He's a maestro on the microphone but does very little with a bat & glove. And his bloviating at the rally is must-hear audio.

Listen to the entire four-part saga of Jonny Gomes below:

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