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'It's A James Bond Movie For TV': Missy Peregrym & Zeeko Zaki On Season 4 Premiere Of CBS' 'FBI' & Epic Crossover Event

(CBS Local)-- "FBI" makes its season four premiere Tuesday night on CBS and it is an event you will not want to miss. The three part epic crossover event begins with "FBI" starring Missy Peregrym and Zeeko Zaki at 8pm EST/PST, followed by "FBI: Most Wanted" with Julian McMahon at 9pm EST/PST and then the first episode of a new series called "FBI: International." The franchise came from the mind of producer Dick Wolf, who is known for other smash hits like "Law & Order," & "Chicago Fire."

CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith chatted with Peregrym and Zaki about their journeys with this show, what people can expect on the first episode of season four and what they think about all the adulation their characters Maggie & Omar receive on social media. New episodes of "FBI," "FBI: Most Wanted" and "FBI: International" will also be available next day on Paramount+.

"When Dick Wolf says he's going to do something, he does it," said Peregrym. "Nothing is going to stop him and he had this idea even before we started filming. He always wanted to do three shows. Here we are premiering our fourth season and it feels great to be the OG. I'm really proud of it and we were able to launch this great vision and I think it's going to be really fun tonight."

"I got the opportunity to film a James Bond movie for TV," said Zaki. "I was really excited that Dick Wolf got the pen back out and wrote this alongside our showrunners for each of the shows. It's a big testament to the team and to Dick and to dream as big as possible and he'll make it happen."

On the season four premiere of "FBI," the team is called into action for an investigation when a young woman is killed on her way home from a lavish yacht party attended by some of the most influential people in the world. Both Peregrym and Zaki are excited that they have another season to grow their characters.

"My sister is coming back and we'll have some more family drama coming up, which I'm excited about" said Peregrym. "That's really all I know so far and it's really interesting working on a show where you have this many episodes in a short amount of time and it's constantly churning stuff out. It's last second when we find out what we are playing and that can be really fun. I'm a big believer in putting my head down and doing the work."

"Social media supports the hell out of us and it is so nice because we work so hard," said Zaki. "Every time I read anything, it's all positive. It feels good and hopefully we keep that going. We have the family dynamic and we might drop some bloopers later today of us making a TikTok video. You can see our dynamic. Every single person in our cast is great and the atmosphere is so good. We want to prove to the world that you can have on-camera and off-camera chemistry."

Watch the epic FBI crossover event with "FBI," "FBI: Most Wanted" and "FBI: International" beginning at 8pm EST/PST on CBS and stream all three shows on Paramount+.

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