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Surveillance Video Shows Red Line Train Derailment In Dorchester

BOSTON (CBS) – The MBTA has released surveillance video of the derailment on the Red Line. It happened on June 11 when the train derailed just outside the JFK/UMass station during the morning commute.

A signal system building was heavily damaged. No one was injured.

The video shows sparks flying as train cars came off the tracks.

WATCH: Video Of Derailment

The MBTA still has not ruled a cause of the derailment, though they did rule out human error.

Since the derailment, the MBTA has been working seven days a week to try and get things back to normal which some riders say still isn't good enough.

red line damage 2
The derailment damaged hardware that controls the MBTA signal system (Photo credit: MBTA)

"I'm very frustrated and exhausted from it but hopefully everything will be back to normal," one rider told WBZ Friday night.

A sentiment shared by many. The MBTA's monthly rider poll now shows its lowest approval rating since the feature launched; more than half of riders last month said they're 'somewhat, very, or extremely' dissatisfied with the T.

Those who depend on the Red Line, left hoping for the best.

"Yeah it's annoying but I don't know what other options I have," another rider said.

The MBTA announced Friday it hopes to have service running at full speed between Broadway and JFK/UMass by August 15.

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