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Matthew Judon Simply Cannot Stop Trying To Recruit Players To Join Patriots

BOSTON (CBS) -- The role of a pass rusher is to go after the quarterback every single snap. No matter what happened the previous snap, no matter how many unsuccessful attempts have come in the game, the job remains the same: Get after the opposing quarterback.

It's a mindset that's pretty evident when Matthew Judon is on the field. And it's also easy to see when he's on Twitter.

After finishing his first year in New England with a Pro Bowl appearance, Judon has spent a lot of time in the offseason working toward getting the team to the Super Bowl. And even though his previous recruiting efforts have gone unrewarded, the man just keeps trying.

Most recently, Judon got to work trying to convince D.K. Metcalf to join the Patriots. Granted, Metcalf is not a free agent, but with the Seahawks dumping Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner this offseason, everyone seems to be fair game in Seattle.

Judon's offer to Metcalf was unique, in that he said the receiver can watch "Avengers: Endgame" as many times as he wants in Foxboro.

A day earlier, Judon was trying to bridge a reunion between the Patriots and Stephon Gilmore. After Gilmore tweeted that he had lost his wallet, Judon said he "put it in his locker" and will see the star cornerback soon. Judon later offered Gilmore to get late checkout at hotels in Boston.

Judon landing either one of these players feels like a long shot and a half. Nevertheless, you can bet on the 29-year-old picking himself off the turf, buckling up his chinstrap, then giving it another go as soon as he gets the chance. That's just what pass rushers do.

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