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4 RMV Workers Fired After 2,100 Drivers Got Licenses Without Taking Road Test

BROCKTON (CBS) - Four Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles workers have been fired after 2,100 drivers were given licenses without taking a road test.

All of those drivers will now have to take the test in the next ten days or their licenses will be suspended.

The agency notified law enforcement back in 2020 after a Registry supervisor noticed suspicious activity at the Brockton customer service center.

Investigators found that, starting back in April 2018, about 2,100 people had been given drivers licenses by two road test examiners at the Brockton center without ever taking a road test.

The two examiners and two service center employees were fired.

All 2,100 drivers have been sent letters telling them they have to take and pass the road test within ten days or their license will be suspended. Appointments for the tests can be made outside of the regular road test schedule.

If they fail the test, the person will be given a learner's permit and a Massachusetts ID card.

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