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Man Who Pointed Laser At Tom Brady Is Unapologetic To Patriots

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Missouri man who shined a laser into Tom Brady's eyes in an attempt to distract the Patriots quarterback during the AFC Championship Game regrets doing what he did. But he doesn't feel sorry about it.

Dwyan Morgan, who was cited by police for disturbing the peace, told Inside Edition that he had a few too many beers that night and believes he "shouldn't have done it." That being said, the 64-year-old man had no interest whatsoever in apologizing to Tom Brady or the Patriots.

When asked directly by the Inside Edition reporter if he's ready to apologize to Brady or the Pats, Morgan answered with a succinct, "Nope."

Tom Brady laser in Kansas City
A laser shines on Tom Brady's face during the fourth quarter of the AFC Championship Game in Kansas City. (Screen shot from WBZ-TV)

Morgan said that he didn't think that the act of shining a laser at the Patriots' quarterback would "go this far."

The Patriots would of course go on to beat the Chiefs in overtime, with Brady leading two 75-yard touchdown drives plus another 65-yard touchdown drive late in the game, before moving on to beat the Rams in Super Bowl LIII.

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