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Man Hopes To Return Wedding Ring Found In Cleveland Circle Along Boston Marathon Route

BOSTON (CBS) -- A sparkly ring on the ground in Cleveland Circle, catching the eye of Danny Becker.

"I got my coffee, was heading back, and then right in about this area, the ring really stood out and sparkled for me," said Becker, adding, "I looked at it, a beautiful wedding ring with a number of inscriptions and names, and I was like oh man, someone lost this."

It was the morning after Marathon Monday, and having enjoyed the busy day himself, the Brookline man immediately knew this ring could belong to anyone.

"It's always so packed, so loud, so many families and friends. And then of course towards the end of the day we see the street sweeper so I'm sure the ring kind of got caught up in all that chaos and ended up on the side of the route," said Becker.

Danny Becker is looking for the owner of this ring (WBZ-TV)

And now ending up in Danny's hands, he's determined to find the person who lost it.

He uploaded the images to Facebook, a post that has since been shared over 8,000 times.

"I've been really excited to see the number of times my post and pictures have been shared," said Becker, adding, "for me thinking about a ring symbolizing love and a whole community trying to find the love that it represents is really special."

Two weeks after the marathon, Becker's had a few people reach out to him on Facebook wondering if the piece of jewelry is theirs. But so far, no one matches the names engraved on the ring, which is how he hopes to find the rightful owner.

"My message to the owner is that I recognize that this ring is something that seems really special and I will do everything I can to help it make its way back home," said Becker.


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