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Walkout Held To Protest School's Handling Of Sexual Assault Allegations

SUDBURY (CBS) -- Students at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School spent 15 minutes outside on Monday morning to protest the school's handling of a sexual assault allegation from 2013.

Dozens of students gathered at the school's athletic fields around 9:30 a.m. for a walkout.

The protest was sparked by a lawsuit filed last week by a former student. According to the Boston Globe, it claimed the school did not properly investigate her accusations that she was sexually assaulted by two male classmates during a football game.

Lincoln-Sudbury High School students walkout on Monday to protest their school's handling of sexual assault allegations (WBZ-TV)

"We found out about the lawsuit against L.S. -- we were all eighth-graders at the time of the actual event -- but since it came out we were all reading about it and it made us really upset because we had been going to this school for four years and we didn't know about it," said one of the organizers. "The administration showed us that they didn't handle it the way they were supposed to so we worry about ourselves and we worry about the other students at L.S."

The victim, who was 15 at the time, said she has text messages from the boys that imply guilt and regret. The lawsuit says the boys were never disciplined and she was also forced to sit by herself where students typically go for detention. She later transferred and graduated from a private high school, said the Globe.

Some of the many signs Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School students brought to a walkout on Monday (WBZ-TV)

During Monday's walkout, there was a moment of silence and a few students read speeches. A booth was also set up during the school's lunch hour to provide more information.

Organizers were pleased with the size of the gathering and the outpouring of support.

"Reading that article, it sounds like L.S. didn't support that girl at all, so that's why I think students coming together was really amazing," said one girl.

Another girl said, "the student body is here to support any victims, any survivors, and even if the administration doesn't, our student body does."

They say they hope to work with the administration to bring change.

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