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LeBron James Wears Ultimate Warrior Shirt, 'Kermit Sipping Tea' Hat Upon Arrival In Cleveland

BOSTON (CBS) -- The champs are home in Cleveland, and LeBron James is slamming his foot on the gas pedal in the trolling game.

The Finals MVP, hours removed from making "The Block" late in Cleveland's Game 7 victory in Golden State, deplaned in Cleveland on Monday afternoon. And while shirtless teammate J.R. Smith was difficult to miss, LeBron's outfit appeared to be a response to everything he's been hearing pretty much all year.

Though LeBron's "Zero Dark Thirty-23" social media silence has yet to be lifted, his shirt and hat combination on Monday spoke rather loudly.

LeBron was wearing an Ultimate Warrior shirt, made by Homage, which is a not-at-all-subtle nod to the praise that's been heaped on the Golden State Warriors for months. They were supposed to be the greatest team of all time -- the ultimate Warriors, so to speak -- but LeBron and the Cavs went ahead and canceled that coronation.

And LeBron topped off his outfit with an appropriate hat featuring Kermit the Frog sipping tea.


It is, of course, the meme used by people who turn out to have been right all along, despite what the masses may have been saying.

Add it up, and LeBron was able to make quite a statement without having to utter a word.

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