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Kitten Found With Paws Frozen To Fence Looking For Home

BOSTON (CBS) -- A weeks-old kitten found Saturday night with its paws frozen to a metal fence will soon be up for adoption.

A Good Samaritan in Dorchester heard "Ralphie" crying for help and freed the cat's feet with warm water.

The kitten was rushed to the MSPCA's Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, where a team of veterinarians used blankets, warm water bottles and convection heat to warm up Ralphie.

Ralphie's paws are still swollen and painful, but vets are confident they will heal completely, according to the MSPCA.

Close up photo reveals the blisters on Ralphie's front paws caused by skin adhering to the fence (credit MSPCA-Angell)
Ralphie the kitten's frozen paws (Photo credit MSPCA-Angell)

The kitten needs to be neutered and immunized, and will hopefully be adopted by a new family in time for spring.

For adoption information, email

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