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Key Retirement Birthdays: Almost 60

BOSTON (CBS) - At almost 60, well it's technically 59½, you can finally get at those dollars you have been stashing away for years in your retirement plans without paying a 10% penalty.

Key Retirement Birthdays: Almost 60

Congress imposed a penalty on early withdrawals from retirement plans to discourage workers from taking money out of their retirement plans. But in realty the penalty has not discouraged workers from taking their money.

Surveys have shown that over 60% of workers who leave their jobs before age 59½ and have access to their 401(k) plan money take the money, even though their employer withholds 20% for taxes and they face that 10% penalty when they file their tax return.

So if they had $3,000 in that account they only got $2,100. If they had left it for 30 years it could have been worth over $30,000.

What's so magical about age 59½? Well for starters, Congress now considers you old enough to retire and allows you access to your retirement money. That could be your 401(k), 403(b), your IRA, your Roth IRA and your self-employment plans such as a SEP-IRA, SIMPLE IRA or Keogh.

Now the Roth IRA has one more wrinkle. To make tax free withdrawals, the money must have been in the Roth account for at least five years before you reached age 59½. But with Roth IRAs you have access to your contributions at any time for you have already paid income taxes on those dollars.

If you haven't formally retired or don't need the money to support your current life style in retirement, my advice would be, leave the money alone.

If you have retired and have your retirement money scattered about, you may want to begin to think about consolidating your accounts. Rolling your money into a single IRA would make the paperwork so much simpler and getting one statement instead of 4 or 5 cuts down on your management time. So your retirement planning should not stop once you reach this magic age of almost 60.


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