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Keller @ Large: Boston 2024 Olympics, Steve Wynn Struggle In New Revolution

BOSTON (CBS) - Uh-oh, the first poll taken since the Boston Olympics boosters rolled out their new, allegedly-improved plan for staging the 2024 Games here shows it didn't move the needle at all, even though it was taken on the eve of the most patriotic weekend of the year, with an international sports event dominating the news.

That doesn't bode well for the future of the plan because folks aren't buying the organizers' dubious claims of profit. They're even losing ground on the issue of allowing public funds to be used for permanent infrastructure improvements tied to the Games.

Marty Walsh, take note – that's your key selling point they're rejecting.

Coincidentally, or maybe not, gambling magnate Steve Wynn has caught himself a hornet's nest with his scheme for a Vegas-style casino across from the Everett Costco.

First it was the environmental review that let the air out of Wynn's limo; now, it's a fusillade of lawsuits from his neighbors.

Massachusetts has struggled with an anti-business reputation over the years, and some will inevitably claim these dual stalemates prove the point. But it seems to me we're an awfully wealthy state for allegedly being so anti-business.

For the health care business, or the academic rackets, just to name two, our little state is a fine place to make a bundle.

The takedowns of the Olympics and Wynn's World are the opposite of anti-capitalism. They're about people protecting what they have from what they see as the careless depradations of wealthy speculators.

We've seen that kind of thing around here before.

They called it the American Revolution.

Wynn and the Olympics should have read up on that before they went hunting here.

Listen to Jon's commentary:

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