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Jones: Kobe-Rondo Breakfast 'An Obvious Free Agency Pitch'

BOSTON (CBS) -- Rajon Rondo and Kobe Bryant met up for a friendly breakfast together Thursday morning in Boston, getting their day off to a healthy start.

It also started a healthy day of speculation when it comes to Rondo's impending free agency. Adam Jones and Rich Keefe discussed Rondo and Kobe's breakfast date on Thursday night's edition of Celtics @ 7 on 98.5 The Sports Hub, and Jones sees it as an obvious recruiting pitch by Bryant.

Rondo has said in the past that he doesn't fraternize with opposing players, saying before an All Star game a few years ago that he doesn't socialize with "the enemy."

"Isn't Rondo different because Rondo tells us he is different," asked Jones. "[Thursday's breakfast] is, significant may be too strong, but it's certainly interesting. The Lakers have a ton of money coming off the books at the end of this year and next year. We know that Rondo has already been caught up in this game a little bit when he 'accidentally' ran into Kevin Love at Fenway Park this summer.

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"He's out to breakfast with Kobe; isn't that an obvious -- an obvious -- free agency pitch? Why else were those two having breakfast together?" wondered Jones. "It's Kobe, who hates the enemy. It's Rondo, who supposedly hates the enemy... If Rondo hates socializing with people like this, what is he doing?

"Either that whole image of Rondo is fake, or he's not enemies with Kobe because he wants to sign with the Lakers in the offseason," said Jones.


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