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Jonathan Kraft Intent On Avoiding Hypocrisy, Won't Comment On Giants' Walkie-Talkie Situation

BOSTON (CBS) -- When the Patriots were under investigation (and then under the thumb of the NFL) for their alleged "ball deflation scheme," team president Jonathan Kraft did not much appreciate seeing so many people offer opinions on the situation without having done the necessary research.

"I'm pretty sure there was no owner or senior management person or head coach that actually read the Wells Report, read the Wells Report in Context or the science of it, yet they were comfortable opining," Kraft said Sunday from Denver on Patriots Preview with Marc Bertrand and Chris Gasper.

As such, Kraft does not want to be a hypocrite, and so he decided to abstain from offering any opinion on the way the NFL is handling the rule-breaking of the Giants.

"During the air pressure situation, I think the thing that was the most bothersome to us was when ownership or senior management in other teams or coaches would opine on our guilt or innocence and what should happen to us without knowing or understanding the facts," Kraft said. "I'm not going to be guilty of doing the same. I do not know the facts of what transpired last weekend. And so it's hard for me to comment beyond that."

As background: Giants head coach Ben McAdoo was seen using a walkie-talkie to communicate to quarterback Eli Manning last Sunday night during a win over the Cowboys. Such an action is a violation of the rules, one that's clearly communicated to all coaches. Yet the NFL is set to reportedly only fine the Giants. The Patriots, of course, faced a $1 million fine in addition to the loss of a first-round draft pick and a fourth-round draft pick. The quarterback was also suspended for four games.

The Giants -- who on the surface at least appear to have already been found guiltier than the Patriots of committing a rules violation -- won't be facing such stiff punishment.

Later, he reiterated: "I don't know what happened last weekend, so I'm not comfortable opining."

Kraft did manage to release some leftover frustration from the process his team endured.

"We don't feel that it was an appropriate process and the science -- which is very clear and easy to understand -- wasn't paid any attention to," Kraft said. "But it wouldn't be appropriate for me, because I know how much it bothered us when people would comment on those situations."


Listen to the full pregame discussion below: 

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