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Hundreds outside State House in Boston protest Iran's treatment of women after death of Mahsa Amini

Hundreds outside State House protest Iran's treatment of women
Hundreds outside State House protest Iran's treatment of women 01:59

BOSTON -- Hundreds gathered by the steps of the State House Sunday to protest Iran's treatment of women.

"We want freedom for all women in Iran and we want freedom for all people in Iran because some people are protesting in Iran and they are being killed in the streets," said protester Saba Rezaei. 

The protests were triggered by the September 16 death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman detained for allegedly not covering her hair properly. She later died in custody of Iran's morality police.

"We are all that girl in Iran who got taken away," said organizer Elaheh Ahmaji. "It's just brought out so much anger, so much hurt from all of us that we can't stay silent, even though us being here right now is a danger to all of us. We probably can't go back to our home countries, but it's worth it." 

They are here to speak out on behalf of Iranian women having the right to wear the hijab without fearing for their safety. During the rally, some Iranian women went as far as to cut their hair in protest.

"We just want a woman to be free, and we want our young people to have hope," Ahmaji said. 

From the steps of the State House, more than 500 people marched around the Boston Common to show their solidarity for the people of Iran.

Anti-government protests have entered their third week in Iran. Over the weekend, protests like this are happening around the world.

"It's so powerful to see everyone coming together to show this is not what we accept," another protester said. 

 In Boston, they hoped their loud voices of change will be heard by the people of Iran. 

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