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Firefighter Rescued After Falling Through Floor At House Fire In Hudson, New Hampshire

HUDSON, N.H. (CBS) -- A firefighter was rescued after falling through the floor as crews battled a massive house fire in Hudson, New Hampshire Thursday afternoon. SkyEye footage showed heavy smoke and flames engulfing the home on Greeley Street.

The firefighter was brought to a hospital along with another firefighter who suffered smoke inhalation. Both were treated for minor injuries and released Thursday night.

"We had heavy fire throughout the building," Hudson Fire Chief Robert Buxton said. "Crews mounted an aggressive attack, unfortunately we did have a mayday on the scene."

Buxton said the firefighter was holding onto a hose when he fell through, so crews were able to trace where he was.

"He fell through the floor, he was holding onto it, and his crew gave him a hand back out of the hole," Buxton said. "It was a very labor intensive activity. It took a few minutes."

The firefighter who fell through the floor is with the Nashua Fire Department.

Homeowner Lee Karugu was inside with three family members when he heard the alarm go off in the basement. "I went down to check why the alarm goes off," Karugu said. "Down the stairs the smoke was coming up, so I just turned around and went outside."

Karugu said he doesn't know how the fire started. Nine people have been displaced. The family does not think the house can be saved.

"It's pretty tough you know. You never know how many memories you have in a place until you see it going down but I'm just glad as my dad said as well that everyone is safe and that's the big thing," said resident Brandon Karugu.

The Hudson Fire Department says the cause remains under investigation.

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