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Off-Campus Party May Have Infected Holy Cross Students With Coronavirus

WORCESTER (CBS) - Fran Fitzpatrick says a student party near her house this weekend got way out of hand.

"The students, they're adults now; they're not babies, they know better," Fitzpatrick said.

The College of the Holy Cross said at least one student who went to an off-campus party on College Street tested positive for Covid-19. Several potential other coronavirus cases were also reported.

"This is a pandemic, why aren't you listening?" asked Fran Fitzgerald, reacting to an off-campus party thrown by Holy Cross students. (WBZ-TV)

"They're not taking this seriously. People are dying all the time. This is a pandemic, why aren't you listening?" said Fitzpatrick.

People who live near campus are now worried about the virus spreading.

"We're at that age where we're susceptible. Thank god, we're in good health," said Frank DiRoberto.

Holy Cross said its public safety officers found a large number of people at the party not wearing masks or practicing social distancing guidelines. The college posted a statement on its website about the incident, saying, "This behavior violates state and local guidelines as well as the Holy Cross Community Commitment, which students acknowledged and agreed to in July. Needless to say, this is a profoundly disappointing situation. The students responsible for the party will be held accountable under our Community Standards process."

The Worcester Division of Public Health is aware of the weekend party and the Covid-19 case. Medical Director Dr. Michael Hirsh said it should send a message to all students returning to the city.

"We really need people to pitch in and be vigilant and do the right things," said Hirsh.

Holy Cross is urging anyone who was at the party to get tested right away.

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