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Has Stephen Curry Surpassed LeBron James As The Face Of The NBA?

BOSTON (CBS) -- Stephen Curry is now a two-time NBA MVP, taking home the 2015-16 award in unanimous fashion -- the first player to do so in league history.

It's hard to find anyone who doesn't like the Golden State guard, a superstar who doesn't have all the baggage associated with being a superstar. Now that Curry has a championship ring and a pair of MVP trophies, has he officially taken the throne as the face of the NBA from LeBron James?

Felger & Mazz think so.

"He is absolutely the face of the league now," said Mazz. "This crossed my mind when that Under Armour story came up and Nike screwed up the pursuit of Curry. In that story, there was an excellent poitn made where Curry is one of the few guys in the history of the league, as its best player, where the average fan can say they relate to that guy.

"Everyone else is 6-foot-6, seven-feet tall. Shaq was 305 pounds and his hand was the size of your back. You look at guys like that and say I can't relate to what that guy does," continued Mazz. "Curry is 6-foot-3 and learned to get his shot off quick. He is totally the face of the league."

Felger is more intrigued by what it does to the league's former face -- LeBron James.

"You know it pisses LeBron James off," said Felger. "I hope it's true and I want to see how he responds to it. I think it would be a good story if LeBron James is motivated by the fact he lost the mantle as the standard-bearer of the league, and that causes him to play better, win a championship, etc.

"I would be interested in that story. How does LeBron feel that he is not only the MVP but the first unanimous MVP, and now people think he's a better player and will end up as the better player. How does Bron-Bron respond to that?"

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