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75 Firefighters Called To Quincy House Fire

QUINCY (CBS) -- Seventy-firefighters responded to a house fire on Hanna Street in Quincy Monday evening. The extra crews were needed so those battling the flames could take frequent breaks in the extreme heat.

Three firefighters were sent to the hospital for heat exposure but they are all expected to be OK.

"Basically we used a lot of the men just for manpower, so we could get some relief for the guys," explained Deputy Chief Tim Burchill.

Quincy firefighters had to battle these flames in the extreme heat Monday evening (Photo Via Justin Holstrom)

The family was able to make it out safely. A neighbor helped guide their dogs to safety.

"I've known them my whole life, I know the dogs, I know the family and I didn't obviously want anything to happen to anybody," said neighbor Gianna Parsons. "The whole downstairs was already filled with smoke, I couldn't see in, it was really hard to breathe."

The fire department said a leak in a grill's propane tank is likely to blame for the fire. The propane tank caught fire and exploded as the family grilled, the homeowner told firefighters.

"Safety is first. Gas grilling, if you're on your deck on your house, just keep your grills away from your house. Every year inspect them, make sure they're in good working condition," said Burchill.

Two nearby houses also caught fire on the outside.

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