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Gile, WI Gets More Than Four Feet Of Snow In Three Days

GILE, WI (CBS) – In an unusual early snowfall, the town of Gile, Wisconsin received about four feet of snow since Monday. WBZ NewsRadio's Diane Stern spoke to Gile business owner Ricardo Luna to get an accurate description of the scene.

Even though located in the northern region of Wisconsin, Luna said it's "very early" to get this snow, "especially this amount."

"We were talking to a gentleman who has lived here all his life and he does not remember ever having this much snow this early. And he's 70 years old," added Luna.

The co-owner of Burgers Bar and Grille in Gile, Luna has had to snow blow the driveway and sidewalks of his restaurant multiple times a day, every day, to keep his entrance way clear. He said business dropped from its normal amount, but this was expected since "most people weren't able to get out of their driveways."

Luna also told WBZ that Wisconsinites tend to "take the snow as part of life."

According to the National Weather Service, the last time Boston experienced this amount of snow, about 48 inches, was in January, 1978 but that was over a span of 20 days – a very long time period compared to Gile's last five days.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Diane Stern Reports


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