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Foxboro Residents Frustrated With National Grid's Response

FOXBORO (CBS) - As of late Monday afternoon, 90% of Foxboro residents were still without power and getting angry with National Grid.

"They left us in the dark after tropical storm Irene and they knew this storm was coming, yet here we are again without power!", said one gentleman at town hall today.

But a National Grid spokesman said they responded quickly when the main power circuit went down. "This was an historic storm," said Steve Brady. "And now we have every available crew working to restore power. We're seeing progress, and might have a lot of the power restored by this evening."

WBZ-TV's Bill Shields reports from Foxboro

Nearly fifty residents are taking advantage of a shelter, which has been set up at the Burrell School. "It's warm, so I'll stay here until my power comes back on," said Margarete Borenstein.

In the school's gym, workers had managed to set up one, dim light, so kids could have somewhere to play. "It's nice and warm in here, they have hot food, and the gym is fun," said Erin DelGreco who was wondering when she'd get to trick or treat.

The town manager criticized National Grid for not having crews on scene while the storm was raging Saturday night into Sunday morning. But Kevin Paicos also said the utility's response was better this time around, than after Tropical Storm Irene. "They seem to have more crews available this time, so their response was faster. And they went right to work on the loop that feeds our three substations," he said.

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