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Food Truck Friday: Shishkaberry's Of New England

BOSTON (CBS) -- This Food Truck Friday features a truck that combines fruit and chocolate in a fun way, and it's just in time for Mother's Day.

"It's the perfect treat for mothers. The dads are always wondering what to get the mothers, and they come across the truck and they say 'wow, this is perfect,'" said James Aulenbach.

James and Steve Aulenbach are brothers. When Jim was done with his baseball career, they both became sports photographers, and now they run Shishkaberry's Of New England.

"We kind of came across this from a good friend out in Seattle who was doing it out there and it kind of filled the gaps when we weren't shooting anything on the weekend," said James.

So far, the public has been eating it up.

"If you ever have a 5-year-old  girl come up and look you in the eye and you give her a shishkaberry with sprinkles all over it -- they just enjoy it so much. It makes their day. It makes our day," said Stephen.

As far as the future goes, this food truck should be set. There's already another generation of shishkaberry entrepreneurs.

"It's awesome, I wouldn't rather have any job. It's a great way, I get to have new experiences, I get to go to new places, meet new people and it's wonderful," said Ryan Lambert.

Chocolate can't solve all problems, but it doesn't hurt.

"Honestly, I wish I would have started this 25 years ago. I enjoy this a lot," said Stephen.


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