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Food Truck Friday: Gogi on the Block

Food Truck Friday: Gogi on the Block
Food Truck Friday: Gogi on the Block 02:39

BOSTON -- A local food truck is thriving by bringing family recipes to life for customers. Family, fun, and food truck -- that should be the motto of Gogi on the Block. 

On this Food Truck Friday, we profile Hyun Kim, a young man with a bright green truck who said sitting down for meals made by mom was his inspiration. 

Gogi on the Block is one of the first Korean Fusion food trucks in Boston. 

Hyun started this for two reasons. One, he wasn't thrilled with his previous job.

"I'm always passionate about cooking and that's the reason I started this truck. I used to be a real estate agent and I got sick of living off of commission, so I decided to start my own business," said Hyun. 

Two, his mom always spoiled the family with big meals when they were growing up. So why not share her recipes with his customers?

"I learned a lot from my mom and when I come up with a recipe, I always have my mom approve it and then it goes to the customers. Mom is like an executive chef."

One of Gogi's popular items is Kimchee, Hyan has a love and hate relationship with spicy fermented cabbage

"When I first came to America, I couldn't eat kimchee in the morning because when I used to go to school, my friends used to make fun of me for smelling like garlic, you know that strong flavor of kimchee, but nowadays a customer orders extra kimchee in the bowl, sometimes not even cooked," Hyun said.   

"I just love interacting with the customers, especially when people come back and say the food was great. It makes me happy," he added. 

Gogi has a huge following -- that was clear by the stream of customers we saw, including many repeat customers. 


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