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Felger: Remarks About Watney 'Regrettable'

BOSTON (CBS) - 98.5 The Sports Hub afternoon co-host Michael Felger said it was "regrettable" that he brought Heidi Watney's name into a now infamous rant about the Red Sox earlier this week.

NESN reporter Heidi Watney joined Toucher & Rich on Thursday morning to respond to comments Felger made on Wednesday's show about her.

"In the assassination of just about everyone's character that's involved remotely with the Red Sox these days, it seems, he brought my name in the mix and a rumor that I was linked to when I first got into town," Watney said of Felger's rant, which alluded to a relationship with Red Sox captain Jason Varitek.

"Which, by the way, is not true," she added.

On Thursday's show, Felger clarified his remarks.

Referencing a Boston Globe article that mentions Terry Francona's marital problems contributing to the collapse of the Sox Felger said,"Why do we stop there then? Let's look at ownership and why wouldn't we look at players?"

"How has Jason Varitek looked the last couple of years during the same time period, where apparently he's had marital troubles? Why don't we dig into this story? That's my only point," explained Felger.

"Now bringing Heidi into it," Felger admitted, "Regrettable because it's not about really about her, it's about Varitek, it's about ownership, it's about the uniform personnel that contributed to this collapse and what where the reasons behind it."

"It's not about a sideline reporter," Felger said.

Listen to the segment here:

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