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Felger & Mazz: Donny Marshall Previews Game 3

Felger and Sean McAdam were joined by Donny Marshall of Comcast SportsNet to talk some Boston Celtics, Mazz' injury, and tonight's Game Three between the Celtics and Atlanta Hawks.

After Donny gave a blow-by-blow of how Mazz injured himself the other day, the guys got into the Celtics.

Does Rondo have anything to prove tonight? Is Rondo providing "Bulletin Board" material for Hawks by saying this series is over?

"All I can think of is open mouth and insert foot, this just shouldn't happen especially at this level."

"You can't go out there and really believe that your teammates are going to be energized by your words. There's probably going to be more pressure on them, but they're probably going to be more pissed off that you went out there because you felt you had to say something. Now they have to follow up on what you said."

What can we expect from the Celtics in the remainder of this series, and the playoffs going forward? Is anything other than the Eastern Conference Finals appearance an underachievement?

"It's not going to be that easy the next round. Obviously this round we have to get through first; to get to Miami I think you're very, very fortunate. I think somewhere in there, a lot of these guys say 'hey we overachieved a little bit' especially with the injuries we had to endure this season."

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