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Felger & Mazz: Did The Patriots Lose In A Street Fight?

BOSTON (CBS) - Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti are trying to move on from all the controversy surrounding the ending to the Patriots-Panthers game on Monday night.

A lot of attention has been spent focusing on the non-call at the end of the game that prevented the Patriots from getting another shot to win it, and not enough time has been spent on the game itself.

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Felger referenced an article by Ron Borges of the Boston Herald titled 'Penalty Or Not, Patriots Once Again Can't Win Street Fight'. In it, the columnist believes that, much like the heartbreakers of season's past, that the Patriots were outmuscled and beat up.

Felger and Mazz don't believe that at all, feeling like they showed tremendous toughness on Monday night.

"I don't feel like the issue with this game was that they weren't tough enough. I just think they made some really stupid mistakes," said Tony Massarotti."

"I thought they looked better against Carolina than they did against the Jets in some of those losses, the Ravens games and the Giants. In other words, I think they got hit in the mouth and they hit right back," explained Felger.

"They lost because they can't cover," Felger continued. "They couldn't contain Cam Newton scrambling and they couldn't cover. That's why they lost."

"The street fight was a draw."

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Looking ahead to Denver, is this something they should add to their gameplan?

They already proved that they're a physical team, and Felger believes they could use this to their advantage against the Broncos by turning it into a street fight.

Listen for the full discussion below:

Did The Patriots Lose In A Street Fight?


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